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It’s been a great 2018

Are you ready for 2019?


It’s been a busy 2018, and just as we enter a fresh new year of opportunities, we wanted to share with you the achievements and key events of the past few months.

The Key Events 

  • Over 10,200 early bird users have successfully registered and confirmed their accounts on our IOS app and Android applications (Links to download below)


  • We submitted our Crowdcube seed campaign last week and fundraising begins in January, we will send more information on this very soon. You could own shares in HubrisOne!


  • HubrisOne (HBRS) tokens will be listed on Swiss digital asset exchange ChainCreator. HBRS tokens can be purchased from the 1st of January 2019, with start price of $0.01 per token.


  • Our rapidly growing team is getting bigger with great new talents joining HubrisOne. Check out the new team and advisors here


HubrisOne App Updates

In-app notifications are coming to HubrisOne – stay on top of key investment news and token sale updates directly from the app.

By tapping on any of the notifications, you can read in more detail any news, events or insights we send you directly on your HubrisOne app.


Watch HubrisOne Product Presentation

Thank you to our friends, family and most importantly, the HubrisOne community for making it a great year.

Have an awesome festive holiday period and a Happy New Year! See you in 2019!

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8.5K Wait list in 6 days and IOS App Out

We know we said that the Apple version of HubrisOne will be out shortly after we made the Android announcement, but we had a few delays which we did not expect. We’ll have to do much better.

The good news is, you can download it here. The app has limited functionality, and new updates are being released every week, you can register, refer and explore the application.


Remember, you cannot withdraw your tokens yet. Referral credit will be credited to wallets after token distribution event.


Join over 8,500 HubrisOne early birds on the waiting list. See you on the other side, welcome on board!

New listing on COAex – HubrisOne in Korea

HBRS tokens listing on COAex

I’m pleased to announce our confirmed listing on new Korea exchange

COAex goes live with over 100,000 traders on Jan 18th 2019 and HubrisOne’s HBRS token lists shortly after.

We’re excited to partner with an exchange that has taken a new approach to the traditional fee model and shares fees with all traders and users of the exchange platform.

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Own Shares in HubrisOne

Become a HubrisOne Shareholder


In a few weeks’ time we will be launching our equity seed campaign for HubrisOne, and we want to give you an opportunity to own shares and become a shareholder in our business.

What is an equity seed campaign? 

An equity seed campaign is when a company sells shares to investors. These investors purchase the shares being sold by the company and become shareholders.

HubrisOne will be offering shares to you from only £10.

How do I get involved? 

  • Register your details on the Crowdcube website here
  • Complete KYC and verify your identity 🔖
  • We will send you a link so you can find out more about our seed campaign
  • Tell us you’ve registered here on our Telegram channel 📲

Which platform are you crowdfunding on?

We’ve partnered with CrowdCube, one of the EU’s leading FCA regulated equity Crowdfunding platforms to manage and host our fundraising. You can learn more about Crowdcube here.

We’ve got answers to your questions.


We’ve created a long list of the most frequently asked questions about our equity shares campaign you can read them all here.


Here are the top three most asked questions:


How do I make a return on my investment?

Our investors that invest in the HubrisOne equity crowdfund can make a return on investment in two main ways;

  • If HurbrisOne is acquired by another business at a higher valuation than the one you (the investor) purchased shares.
  • If HubrisOne undergoes an IPO (initial public offering) and is floated on a stock exchange.

Is there a minimum investment amount?

The minimum investment is just £10. We want all eligible investors to participate, we want everyone to own a piece of HurbisOne.


What investment and investor protections do I have?

All HubrisOne shareholders will receive exactly the same rights, as with any other regulated investment. Crowdcube, is a fully regulated equity crowdfunding platform and must comply by all regulations set out by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Up and Close with Ivan Gyimah, CEO of HubrisOne

What is the idea behind HubrisOne and what do you plan to achieve with this project?

HubrisOne is a business which aims to provide a platform for users offering various banking and cryptocurrency features. Our ultimate goal is to bank the unbanked people globally. We will achieve this by providing superior alternatives for selected traditional banking features. HubrisOne will also accelerate wider adoption of cryptocurrencies.

What thought process and motives lead to the creation of HubrisOne? How did the vision come to light and who were involved in doing this?

The vision was born by myself (Ivan Gyimah) and my brother (McAnthony Gyimah). We understood the benefits blockchain could bring to people around the world, from instantaneous payments security, tokenization of assets and more. However, we realized that there were a few issues with existing solutions, they were simply too difficult to use. We wanted to simplify things for new entrants, additionally we wanted to house all the important cryptocurrency features under one simple application. This is how HubrisOne was born.

Can you throw some light on the integrated Cryptocurrency Exchange?

One of our main targets is to bring all the tools users need into a single application. Integrated exchange is one of the cryptocurrency users use frequently. It will be capable to connect to most of the popular exchanges by API integration, this will enable users to quickly exchange funds between their HubrisOne current account and cryptocurrency wallets, instantly. No need to wait for withdrawal times and fees.

How are transactions in HubrisOne different from other ICOs? What transactions?

We’re not having a public ICO. We are only having a private sale. Those who download the app here

ICO contributors always seek for an MVP? Do you have one? On what parameters have you audited it and how your product stood out in that process?

We have an MVP which is available in Google Play Store and App Store. It has registration features only at the moment. Full development will kick start after fund raising completed. We always focus on ease of use and operation and we have audited the application in this sense. It offers smooth operation after our audits and corresponding improvements. Improvement is an ongoing process for us. We always search for perfection so look for feedbacks and try to implement improvements as soon as possible.

How much (USD) are you raising in private sale vs the public sale, and what is the rationale behind it?

Our business model does not depend on token sale. Although we were planning a 5 month ICO at the beginning, we have decided not to have an ICO and hold a huge airdrop and private sale instead. We are going to hold a classical equity sale through . Our soft-cap for this sale is 100.000 GBP and hard-cap is 500.000 GBP. We are targeting to raise funds enough to compensate 12 months of development and core team expenses.

How do you seek to provide return funds for the investors?

We have financial projections based on competitor realized figures, assumptions on customer acquisition rates and the fee structure for years. Company value will grow significantly which would provide returns to equity owners.

Can you throw some light on the HBRS token? What makes it unique?

It provides many benefits to users. Some features like wealth management and marketplace modules will be available for users who hold specific amount of tokens in their wallets. Besides, users will receive discounts when they pay subscription fees by HBRS tokens.

What is your plan if you could not achieve the hard cap?

As explained before we do not depend on token sale. For equity sale, soft-cap has already been determined in order to enable us to run the project with the core team for 12 months. So we would be good if we reach soft-cap

Does KYC or whitelist exist and how are authorization and authentication processed in your project?

We don’t have whitelist but KYC will be needed for those who would like to participate in private sale. All the applicants will be manually controlled and authentication will be provided.

How did you manage to gain competitive advantage amongst your competitors?

We have included additional features which competitors don’t have and we believe would be beneficial for users. Other than focusing on one or two features, we have chosen to focus on bringing as much as cryptocurrency and banking features and utilization of each with synergetic use cases.

Please give us a brief about your team and their expertise.

Team has vast experience in financial markets, banking sector, risk management, fintech, blockchain and UI/UX iOS development and marketing. You can read more here:

What is your take on the recent market crash?

This is a market cycle. Compared to the previous cycles, cryptocurrencies became very popular along with increasing prices and market valuations. Institutions started future products and many newcomer missed the boat, and essentially got burnt. The last couple of months was really frustrating for most of the newcomers. For me all of them sold at loss and exited market with no returning back. The prices and market valuation would dip more I believe. The bearish period would continue more than a year.

What’s your take  on blockchain and how do you imagine a future built upon it?

Blockchain is the future. It has to much potential to make all the processes it applied to become more efficient in terms of both time and resources and safer.

Can you give us an insight regarding your expansion plans?

Our first phase will be EU. Then US, Asia and South America

Can you throw some light on your partners? What is their field of expertise?

Stellar, Heluss, WalkyFit, PFS, BitGo, ChainCreator, Zecoex,

What message would you like to convey to our readers for the adoption of blockchain?

We need some more time for wider adoption. What we need is to build products with better user experience than the existing ones. This will accelerate the adoption.


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