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HubrisOne & Walkyfit Partnership

Partnership Announcement, LONDON, 04/12/2018

HubrisOne & Walkyfit Enter into a Partnership agreement

WalkyFit patented token app dispenser distributes different crypto assets according to the user physical activity (walking, sports) and using an augmented reality game – “Coins Rains” – creates rains of crypto assets where users are located.

Free users can try the service but Premium users set the key difference.

WalkyFit – Is an innovative Green Fitness App – a gaming solution used by cryptocurrency enthusiasts, the first App to be considered a “crypto assets utility dispenser” with a brilliant functional concept: a patent-pending, technology, transforming movements into tokens.

We’re excited to be partnering with an innovative company with a strong unique focus on combining fitness with cryptocurrency.



Meet HubrisOne Token

We’re going to walk you through the token use case of the HubrisOne token also known as HBRS.

The HBRS token is an integral part tot he HubrisOne eco-system and is needed to access and make the most of the HubrisOne app and platform.



To read more, visit our dedicated Utility use case page:


Important: Users of the platform, must hold and pre-specified amount of tokens in their wallet or use the HBRS tokens to receive discounts and access tot he platform. For users that use the tokens to purchase access, these tokens will be used to buy back tokens back to our reserve at market price or burned, thereby reducing supply.

HubrisOne, Stellar & KeyBox

Article originally posted here:

Alberto Romero is an enthusiast of open-source projects and in recent years, blockchain ones. He is undoubtedly a proactive advocate of the Stellar Network (@StellarOrg), thus even though he does not work directly for Stellar, he set up the community’s 1st meetup in London on 7th of November, cooperating with Keybox (@TheKeybox), which, has been running a series of popular monthly meetups.

Payments utilising blockchain, no matter in what aspect, have become a wide-spread idea ever since Bitcoin’s hype in 2017. Albeit the first well-known payment use case of blockchain, Bitcoin is notorious for its low speed and high transaction fees. Lots of startups then started to improve this “tps (transaction per second)” performance as well as the unpredictable costs for transactions. Stellar claims to be the best framework for blockchain-based payments — HubrisOne (@HubrisOne) is a good example of a platform using their tech.

Seeing the technology as nascent and early-stage, Keybox applied DLT in a different way — mainly for its security, immutability, territoriality and anonymity.

Alberto Romero presenting the Stellar Network.

Alberto started with his presentation on Stellar, by emphasising their strength in terms of speed and cost: Transactions are typically confirmed in 3–5 seconds, and 1 cent will pay for 50,000 transactions. He also listed the diverse asset types that can be issued on Stellar; namely fiat (‘stable coins’), rewards, fixed income, STOs and ICOs, utilities and commodities. Alberto ended the presentation with the historical image below that he saw on a recent trip to Malta:

Alberto Romero sharing image of ancient coins he saw in Malta.

“Non Aes, Sed Fides” was written on the coin, which means “It’s not the metal, but the trust.”

Ivan Gyimah (@IvanGyimah1) is an ex-Thomson Reuters analyst covering financial and risk sectors. Interestingly, he was also an early investor in Bitcoin. Gyimah co-founded HubrisOne, a payment platform with his brother Tony Gyimah. Ivan explained how the Stellar blockchain works on the HubrisOne’s platform: Instead of waiting days for international transactions through banks, by exchanging through the Stellar network, one can easily send money abroad to a friend within 3~5 seconds. Gyimah showed a demonstration video of the HubrisOne mobile app, which includes other features and products like cryptocurrency-backed loans.

Ivan Gyimah played the HubrisOne demonstration video.

After two presentations came the well-anticipated panel hosted by highly experienced Fintech and Blockchain enthusiast Eric Van der Kleij (@ericvanderkleij), who is also the Chairman of Keybox. Having founded a credit card fraud prevention platform himself back in 1996, Eric has seen the entire payment technology evolution. (He co-founded Adeptra with Martyn Walker, now the CEO of Activeledger (@TheActiveledger), and sold the company to FICO in 2012.)

Apart from Alberto and Ivan, Keybox Group VP, Michael DaCosta Babb (@michaeldacosta) and Founder and CEO of The Law Boutique (@law_boutique), Electra Japonas also sat on the panel.

From left to right: Eric van der Kleij, Michael DaCosta Babb, Electra Japonas, Alberto Romero and Ivan Gyimah.

Eric started with some questions about the technology behind HubrisOne — It turned out that the platform actually used three different technologies combined: Stellar, Ethereum and OmiseGo. “Stellar is a B2B version of Ripple. When we read their whitepaper and powerpoint, it was about consumer and financial inclusion,” said Ivan. Michael from Keybox added: “It’s all about people. At Keybox we care a lot about including people who don’t have a bank account, who are open to the inconvenience and disadvantages of cash, to the digital cash system.”

Michael from Keybox talked about social issues that Keybox want to contribute to solving.

When asked about how the regulators are facing the new trend of decentralisation, Electra from the Law Boutique thought the regulators were looking from a human-centred perspective too: “They want to create protection and certainties in the market. Unfortunately, Brexit has disrupted a lot of the plans that we had to look more into it.” Speaking of Brexit, Electra, whose firm aims to provide affordable legal advice to startups and SMEs gave an interesting answer: “I haven’t really offered any advice on Brexit because none of the startups have asked me. I don’t think lots of startups are thinking in a proactive way. I think they’re waiting to react.” This could be down to the higher tendency of risks entrepreneurs typically have, or simply as Eric pointed out, companies like Keybox who will be expanding globally perhaps won’t be affected as heavily by Brexit.

What’s the benefits of HubrisOne?

Below we list quick fire benefits of what HubrisOne is bringing to the market, no lengthy write up, just a very simple quick-fire benefits list:

  1. Buy and sell over 100 cryptocurrencies, store, exchange and send cryptocurrencies within seconds
  2. Connect you existing bank accounts.
  3. Multi-currency current accounts in GBP, USD, and EUR (IBAN and Account numbers)
  4. Receive HBRS token rewards upon each successful deposit
  5. Connect your Coinbase, Binance, and other exchange accounts and wealth accounts, view and manage in one place.
  6. Access cryptocurrency backed lending
  7. Instant cross-border transfers via the Stellar blockchain payments are settled within 3-5 seconds costing less than $0.01


As promised quick and simple!


HubrisOne socials:


Something is happening, let’s take note.

It’s Ivan here, one of the co-founders of

It’s a short post, but a timely one in light of the recent market sell-off – something is underlying happening and we need to take note.

The first wave of projects, coins, and tokens have paved a way for new businesses, projects and use-cases to learn from the mistakes that were made.

These mistakes, in hindsight, seem extremely obvious however is always near impossible to predict.

A few things I have personally learned from last year explosion of projects and how they have negatively impacted token price:

1. Lack of token utility 
Thousands of coins/tokens were created based off paper-proven business models, these models were unsustainable and more importantly, the tokens had near zero true utility

2. ICO token economics 
I find it truly has-dripping that investors still buy tokens prices above $0.10 in an initial coin offering.

An ICO is supposed to provide early investors an opportunity to purchase coins or tokens at a discounted rate prior to the mass public. With some projects pricing tokens for $0.50 and up, how do investors plan to generate a reasonable long-term return? After the ICO the only direction for a token price so high in the ICO stage is (you guessed) down.

3. Hype 
Do not let big marketing dollars cloud your investment judgment. PR Releases, large telegram groups = does not equal a great project or business. If the crowd is going one direction. Stop. Think. And go and do your own research or find a hidden gem.

4. Projects with no sustainable business models 
2017, saw a flurry of various projects, however, I realized most white papers of these projects, especially token based projects did not have a sustainable business model, and their primary goal was to generate funds from 1. ICO 2. Token price – if you look at points 1) and 2) you can see why this would not work.

The best sustainable way forward is for projects to put their business hats on and think how can they incorporate tokens into a sustainable business model, for example through customer acquisition.

Going forward we (as a community) need to incorporate this into projects going forward.

Adoption is the next phase and that means we need to put our commercial, business and technology hats on. Some of these tokens will die – and rightly so.

Safe investing.


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