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Referalls, Wallet Balance and Distribution information


We’ve received many questions regarding the balance on the wallet dashboard. The wallet balance on your account is a reflection of what we will send to your ETH address. We’ve done this for a few reasons:

  1. Alpha Release: This is an Alpha application the primary focus is to educate and capture demand for early bird users for when we launch in the future. It gives our future users a taste of what is to come.
  2. Adoption, Exposure and Community: We wanted our users to be able to have the tokens immediately, send to exchanges, and learn more about HubrisOne without having to wait to May next year for when we launch.


We must stress, that this is only our MVP/Alpha application – and there is very limited functionality on the application, however, periodic updates will be coming frequently, and with each update, a new feature will be released.

Important information:

Sign-up Tokens are sent directly to the ETH address you use on the form.

This address, we send tokens to, when we are live can be imported to HubrisOne or you can create a new wallet on our app.

Distribution will start from the 24th December.

*Referrals:* Receive 1,000 HBRS ($10) for every friend you refer.

Referral credit will be will be sent directly to your ETH wallet on the 24th December or shortly after.

72 hours and 6,000 new sign ups

In under 72 hours, over 6,000 new HubrisOne members have downloaded the HubrisOne Alpha App.

We appreciate the support and we’re humbled by your feedback!

If you haven’t got the Android App, download it here:


We’re having a few delays with our IOS release for HubrisOne. Sometimes, Apple decides to take a little longer than we can predict or anticipate.

It’ll be released very soon, and when it is you will be the first to know.

We apologise for any inconvenience

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HubrisOne Alpha IOS & PlayStore release

It’s time

The day has come where we can share our progress with our future customers, users, spectators, investors, and of course our community. By the time you read this the HubrisOne app will be live on the Apple App store (in 24 hours) and the Google Play store.

Alpha, what does it mean?

By Alpha, we mean that the app has limited functionality, however small progress is still progress and we will release periodic updates as we develop the app and release new updates!

What can I do on the HubrisOne Alpha app?

  • Register your details (Officially become a member!)
  • Claim your free 1,000 HBRS tokens ($10) – you won’t be able to withdraw it yet
  • Receive a referral code unique to you for you to share with friends and earn more ($$$)
  • Explore the key application and upcoming features such as Wealth, Instant blockchain payments, Learn more about the HBRS token, Current accounts, and the HubrisOne debit card

If you want to read more on the HBRS token utility and features check out this link!

Welcome to HubrisOne 🙂




About our Token Sale and HBRS

HubrisOne is a mass market cryptocurrency adoption solution and from the outset our mission was to spread awareness of HubrisOne’s mission and increase adoption of cryptocurrency use and our utility token. The HBRS token has a unique token utility designed for the HubrisOne application. You can read more about the token utility here:


In line with our goal of building a diverse, global community, we have decided to fairly distribute 25% (250 million HBRS) from our total supply of utility tokens to our growing community in the form of an airdrop, extended bounty program and other community-building activities. The airdrop will allow the growing community to download and become familiar with the HubrisOne app and HBRS token.

Private Sale

We have also decided as a company not to have a public ICO, instead, we will host a 5-month private sale for investors in the community who wish to buy and hold HBRS tokens for the long-term, in addition to a global airdrop program. This private sale will be open to the growing HubrisOne community, and will not be marketed or publicised.

HubrisOne Partners with Heluss

HubrisOne Partners with Heluss

We’re pleased to announce the formal partnership between HubrisOne and Heluss. This is partnership further strengthens our marketplace proposition and allows HubrisOne customers to access affordable blockchain based insurance. We look forward to collaborating and building with the team at Heluss.

Heluss, based in Canada, provides innovative solutions to the insurance industry, transforming how traditional policies work with the use of blockchain technologies, smart contract and AI in claims management.

Its business model is defined by a 40-40-20 rule. Forty percent of premiums are allocated for claims and the reinsurance fund. Any savings are returned to token holders as bonuses, rewards, incentives and other means to increase community engagement. Another 40 percent is tokenised for policyholders in HUT tokens. These funds are kept in a “H-Vault” reserve in the form of physical assets. The remaining 20 percent is allocated for Heluss’ ecosystem operations.”

Jean Pierre Rukebesha added:”Heluss is dedicated to disrupting the insurance industry by tokenizing and gamifying the insurance industry. We are committed to taking insurance back to its roots…Serving community. We plan to start with crypto price protection insurance, personal items insurance, loan and savings insurances and travel. Partnering with HubrisOne will help us focus on our core business while ensuring seamless transactional, multidimensional services to our community and shared marketing efforts.”





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