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HBRS Staking Tutorial

What you will need:

Metamask installed

Basic access to Etherscan

Follow the steps carefully to Stake your first HBRS tokens. You will need to meet the minimum threshold in order to be able to Stake successfully. There is no upper limit and there is no restrictions to how many Stakes you can have.

STEP 1: To participate in the HBRS staking program, please go to

STEP 2: Click on “Write Contract” tab:

STEP 3: Click on “Connect with Metamask” and follow instructions to connect to Metamask.

STEP 4: Enter _spender address as 0xc6fa9b2c0febcc1dee33e7050cf5a52ecc53022f and number of tokens you wish to stake (followed by 18 zeros).

Then click on “Write” and follow Metamask instructions to post-transaction on Ethereum blockchain. Wait till this transaction is successful.

STEP 5: Go to

STEP 6: Go to “Write Contract” tab and click on “Connect with Metamask”. Follow on-screen instructions to connect:

STEP 7: Scroll down to section “3. Stake”. Enter number of tokens you wish to stake (followed by 18 zeros)

Enter the number of months (1, 3, 6 or 12) and click on “Write”.

Follow Metamask instructions to post-transaction on Ethereum blockchain. Wait till this transaction is successful.

Now you have successfully Staked!

To check your Staked amount, accumulated rewards, etc. you can go to “Read Contract” tab here:

You can check total Staked by scrolling down to section “3. totalPrinciple”. In the field “_owner”, please enter your wallet address.

You can check your accumulated rewards by scrolling down to section “7. accumulatedRewards”.

You can also check if your stakes are read to claim by going to section “8. isReadyToClaim”. In the field “_owner”, please enter your wallet address.

To claim your stakes, you can go to tab “Write Contract” and scroll down to section “2. claim”.

Click on “Write” and follow Metamask instructions to post transaction on Ethereum blockchain. Wait till this transaction is successful.

If you have any issue Staking your tokens make sure you meet the minimum Staking requirements and double check above requirements.

HubrisOne launches ‘HBRS’ Beta staking rewards program

The HBRS Beta staking program is now available. We’ve designed the program to allow our users and community to benefit from holding HBRS tokens and growing their HBRS holdings in an organic and rewarding way.

In order to stake and receive staking rewards, users will need to initially manually interact with our Ethereum smart contract. Upon release of HubrisOne 2.0, we will be able to integrate the staking program directly within the app.

HBRS holders and users can choose from one of the following staking rewards. Each package comes with a minimum threshold which must be met before the user is allowed to receive the staking reward.


Minimum threshold: Minimum amount of HBRS tokens and a minimum amount of time you need to commit to the smart contract to stake successfully.

Staking rewards: Percentage of HBRS tokens to be paid to your account based on the staking package selected. Staking rewards are paid immediately however, you cannot claim your staked amount or rewards until after your staking period has expired.

HBRS Smart Contract Address:

Staking Smart Contract Address:

Important information:

  1. In order to be eligible for the stake you select, you must meet the minimum threshold.
  2. Staking rewards are paid immediately when you activate your stake
  3. You will not be able to claim your stake or your reward until after your staking period ends
  4. Leaving your stake in the smart contract over the limit will no grant you further rewards
  5. There is no limit to how many stakes any user can initiate
  6. Staking threshold limits and rewards are subject to change at anytime


HubrisOne Team

HBRS Burn Report – Q1 2019

As part of our business model and token distribution model we have introduced a user-growth token linked burning. HBRS token burning event will happen every quarter for the next foreseeable future until the company decides to stop quarterly burning.

What does this mean?

Simply, it means we burn HBRS tokens from our reserve for every new user that joins HubrisOne and downloads our native app. The more users that join the eco-system, the more tokens we burn to reduce the supply.

How many tokens do you burn?

We put aside 100 HBRS tokens for every new user that joins the HubrisOne.

When do you burn the tokens?

We burn the tokens every financial quarter (every 3 months). The first burn will be on the 30th March 2019.


Our Smart Contract

First quarterly burn

25,508 new users joined

2,508,900 HBRS tokens burned from total supply

Old supply: 999,999,000 (999M)

New Supply: 997,490,100 (997M)


HubrisOne makes it easy to manage your cryptocurrency assets by combining wallets, fiat currency accounts and smart analytics in one app. Powered and backed by the HBRS native token.





HubrisOne partners with UK blockchain based mobility startup HireGo

Partnership Announcement, LONDON, 03/05/2019

HubrisOne & HireGo Enter into a Marketplace Partnership Agreement

We are excited to be partnering with an innovative company with a strong focus on combining car sharing, blockchain and cryptocurrency.

HubrisOne is transforming and disrupting a $600 billion industry by changing the way people manage their cryptocurrency assets, manage their current bank accounts, send cross-border payments and more, all within a few taps.

HubrisOne Marketplace is a B2C and P2P marketplace enabling people globally to buy, sell and exchange goods and services with a smart contract. Among the services include, travel insurance, travel accommodations, transportation (car rental, scooters, airfares, and more). Other products and services range from fintech services such as loans, to retail offers or rewards in the form of “cashback” through Hubris tokens. If your company has a product or service and would like to be listed on our marketplace, please visit

HubrisOne is also live on Seedrs,, an equity crowdfunding platform. Investors can participate and own shares in the HubrisOne business.

HireGo is a UK based company building a decentralized, peer-to-peer marketplace that allows its users to lease their vehicles in a trustless and secure environment. The marketplace leverages the Ethereum blockchain as both a public ledger for lease transactions, and for conducting the transactions themselves, using a smart contract framework. HireGo peer to peer car hire and car share aims to disrupt the $90 billion car hire industry

The decentralized HireGo application will make renting and car sharing more accessible, safe and convenient than ever. The decline of traditional car ownership has already begun as more people are switching to car sharing. The HireGo app will allow users with little or no knowledge of blockchain technology to seamlessly access the HireGo rental platform and begin listing vehicles or searching for available cars to hire. More information can be found on

HireGo will also be listed on Crowdcube, , an equity investment crowdfunding platform in the coming weeks. Investors can participate in the HireGo business

HubrisOne and HireGo look forward to this great partnership.

ChainCreator makes a €500K strategic investment in HubrisOne

LONDON, 6th March, 2019 —

We’re pleased to announce the strategic investment package into HubrisOne Technologies Ltd of €500,000 by ChainCreator.

HubrisOne, a leading cryptocurrency current account and platform, announced today a strategic seed investment of 500,000 Euros by Switzerland based exchange ChainCreator. The financing will be used to expand HubrisOne’s base products, global expansion and development of proprietary software for entry into the growing cryptocurrency exchange market.

“With a strong presence in Europe and neighbouring regions, ChainCreator is an ideal partner to assist us with our next phase of growth as we continue to scale our business globally. We’re excited to have a partner on board that provides us not only resources, but also vast strategic experience in our market.” – Ivan Gyimah, CEO HubrisOne

About ChainCreator

ChainCreator Exchange is an advanced, highly scalable and secure digital asset exchange, providing advanced trading properties to the global cryptocurrency community. For more information,

About HubrisOne

HubrisOne is one of the fastest growing companies in the blockchain space with over 16,000 members signed up within months already preparing to use it’s services.

HubrisOne, at it’s core, is a secure cryptocurrency current account with integrated instant fiat on-ramp and off ramps. We are focused on making buying, selling, exchanging and managing cryptocurrencies seamless.

For more information, visit to learn more.

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