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Join our Equity Progran on Seedrs, 40% Bonus is Live

Hey Ivan,

HBRS bonus is back – in January our token holders benefited from a low token price of $0.01 and 50% bonus.

If you missed this opportunity, you can buy tokens today at $0.02 and receive a fresh 40% bonus on your token purchase. The 40% bonus is only live for 15 days and expires on the 23rd February. 

You can buy tokens directly on the exchange by using the link below, once you buy, complete the form and we will send your bonus token within 72 hours.

Buy Direct from Exchange
Bonus Confirmation Form

We’re giving our community the opportunity to own equity/stock in HubrisOne. This means that when we do well as a business our investors will receive a return on their investment.

This unique opportunity to own equity/stock and become a full legal shareholder with rights is a first in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.  

The private round is limited to a small number of shares before the public seed round is opened to the general public.

Complete Pledge Form Here

Check out Equity Campaign Here

Best wishes,

HubrisOne Team

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