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In a few weeks’ time we will be launching our equity seed campaign for HubrisOne, and we want to give you an opportunity to own shares and become a shareholder in our business.

What is an equity seed campaign? 

An equity seed campaign is when a company sells shares to investors. These investors purchase the shares being sold by the company and become shareholders.

HubrisOne will be offering shares to you from only £10.

How do I get involved? 

  • Register your details on the Crowdcube website here
  • Complete KYC and verify your identity 🔖
  • We will send you a link so you can find out more about our seed campaign
  • Tell us you’ve registered here on our Telegram channel 📲

Which platform are you crowdfunding on?

We’ve partnered with CrowdCube, one of the EU’s leading FCA regulated equity Crowdfunding platforms to manage and host our fundraising. You can learn more about Crowdcube here.

We’ve got answers to your questions.


We’ve created a long list of the most frequently asked questions about our equity shares campaign you can read them all here.


Here are the top three most asked questions:


How do I make a return on my investment?

Our investors that invest in the HubrisOne equity crowdfund can make a return on investment in two main ways;

  • If HurbrisOne is acquired by another business at a higher valuation than the one you (the investor) purchased shares.
  • If HubrisOne undergoes an IPO (initial public offering) and is floated on a stock exchange.

Is there a minimum investment amount?

The minimum investment is just £10. We want all eligible investors to participate, we want everyone to own a piece of HurbisOne.


What investment and investor protections do I have?

All HubrisOne shareholders will receive exactly the same rights, as with any other regulated investment. Crowdcube, is a fully regulated equity crowdfunding platform and must comply by all regulations set out by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

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