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About our Token Sale and HBRS

HubrisOne is a mass market cryptocurrency adoption solution and from the outset our mission was to spread awareness of HubrisOne’s mission and increase adoption of cryptocurrency use and our utility token. The HBRS token has a unique token utility designed for the HubrisOne application. You can read more about the token utility here:


In line with our goal of building a diverse, global community, we have decided to fairly distribute 25% (250 million HBRS) from our total supply of utility tokens to our growing community in the form of an airdrop, extended bounty program and other community-building activities. The airdrop will allow the growing community to download and become familiar with the HubrisOne app and HBRS token.

Private Sale

We have also decided as a company not to have a public ICO, instead, we will host a 5-month private sale for investors in the community who wish to buy and hold HBRS tokens for the long-term, in addition to a global airdrop program. This private sale will be open to the growing HubrisOne community, and will not be marketed or publicised.

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