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We’re equity crowdfunding, join us!

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In the next few months we will be crowdfunding to enable our early bird customers, community and investors the chance to invest in the future growth and success of HubrisOne.

In just under a month we have registered over 1,000 early bird registrations, with an anticipated 4,000 additional early bird registrations expected in Q4, we’re gaining momentum, very quickly.

We want you to be a part of this journey. Own a share of HubrisOne.

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We want our early bird customers, community, and early bird investors to receive first access to the equity crowdfund investment private round. Register your interest below and we will keep you notified on everything you need to know and prepare to invest in HubrisOne. Register here

Our private investment round will go live within the next 6 weeks. See below for FAQ’s and further guidance.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the team at

Note: Your investment pledge amount is just an indicator of your interest in our crowdfunding campaign. You are not committed to anything at the time of the pledge.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

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How is HubrisOne using OmiseGo tech?

First. We had to get the UI/UX right. From the feedback we’ve recieved, I think we did and we may be on to something.

Then, we had to understand the best technology that was available to make HubrisOne a possibility.

We really want everyday people to:

  1. Benefit from the Blockchain technology
  2. Be exposed to cryptocurrencies

We found this will only be possible if we package complex technology in a way that’s 1) easy to use 2) looks clean and familiar to the everyday user

About implementing OmiseGo tech:

We’ll be leveraging OmiseGo for a few key areas within the app, in some instances, we will be leveraging multiple technologies, for example in some instances we will leverage Stellar where necessary.

The first real application we see is:

Cross-border transfers with real-time settlement

Users will be able to use their HubrisOne bank account or wallets and send money abroad to any bank account globally (depending on timelines, we may possibly leverage Stellar here).

Virtual cash cards to allow people to connect with their HubrisOne wallets and HubrisOne bank accounts to spend online

For Physical cards: We’ve partnered with a card distributor in the U.K. who will enable our users to receive a card and connect it with their HubrisOne bank account and wallet. Our card partner will also issue EUR IBAN’s, GBP sort codes and account numbers.

Banking the unbanked, top up over the counter: This is truly important to us and where we saw OmiseGo was a natural fit. This will enable our customers to credit their bank accounts from local markets, supermarkets etc with cash and it will be loaded onto their HubrisOne account for spending.

Omise Payment Gateway and Interoperability: As you may have seen, the HubrisOne app encompasses a fiat banking module and cryptocurrency module. We’d need these to speak to each other seamlessly and we’d like our customers to transact cryptocurrencies freely without worry of the various blockchains. This is another use-case we find that makes OMG a great fit.

Scalability: HubrisOne is an app for all people, everyone needs a bank account and in the future, we believe a cryptocurrency wallet will be as important. As HubrisOne grows, we would need an underlying technology that can support that growth. From speaking with the team at OMG we believe it’s a no-brainer for HubrisOne.

Now onto Plasma: We are aware that Plasma has not been released yet, but we understand the potential, especially with the market heading towards a more decentralised exchange preference, we believe that the exchange module within HubrisOne can be powered by OmiseGo’s plasma.

We wanted to be as thorough and transparent as possible, any further questions please don’t hesitate.

Check out the product brief here Product Brief

Become an early bird here:

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HubrisOne leverages OmiseGo technology

Today, we are pleased to announce our use of OmiseGo technology. For those that are not familiar with OmiseGo and their mission see below for a short summary.

OmiseGO enables financial inclusion and interoperability through the public, decentralized OMG network. When we first understood OmiseGo’s mission to bank the unbanked through blockchain technology, we automatically gravitated towards them as the natural technology to help us achieve our goals and mission of providing financial solutions to those without access globally.

What does this mean for HubrisOne?

HubrisOne will be leveraging OmiseGo’s white label SDK app architecture and Plasma platform.

The SDK architecture is a natural fit for HubrisOne as it allows us to achieve the following quickly and in a more cost-effective way:

OmiseGo’s SDK is simply the backend technology that will allow HubrisOne to: Build a secure wallet that facilitates payment, loyalty and rewards, remittances and cross-wallet transactions.

What will the OmiseGo SDK bring to the HubrisOne app?

The OmiseGo technology will allow HubrisOne to have the following functionalities within our platform. Omise payment gateway, credit and virtual cash card, top-up over the counter, direct debit facilities, real-time settlement, cross wallet transactions.

Where will the technology be accessed in the HubrisOne app?

There are two key areas we see the SDK being extremely important

1) Our cryptocurrency wallets which allow our customers to create up to 200 secure cryptocurrency wallets.

2) Cross-border payments with instant settlements

The OmiseGo plasma will be used within the HubrisOne cryptocurrency exchange to allow users to quickly and easily change between their HubrisOne bank account and cryptocurrency wallet.

We’re extremely excited for this as this accelerates our development time to market.




Bounty Program is now live

In August 2018, after many months of planning, research and meetings with partners, the HubrisOne team announced their plans to launch HubrisOne to the world and crypto community.

HubrisOne: A cryptocurrency friendly digital currency account, with seamless cryptocurrency integration allowing our customers to instantly create GBP, EUR and USD bank accounts in seconds, execute cross-border payments using the Stellar Blockchain and OmiseGo Plasma, consolidate all of their current bank accounts into one app and leverage our crypto-backed lending facilities.

Early this month, we opened up the gates for our early bird registrations.This is reserved for only a limited number of customers hence early registration is advised. You can register here.

We launched our MVP walkthrough earlier this week to give potential customers, users and early birds what the first version of HubrisOne will look and feel like, we’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response so far.

Today, we announce two keys things: 1) the release of our Bitcointalk announcement and 2) the release of our bounty program.

We’re excited for what’s to come and hope you can become a part of this journey. To find out more about HubrisOne see this link to our Product brief and this link for our Investor information pack.

We are taking a slightly different strategy in regards to fundraising, we’ve decided to pursue a joint ICO and equity crowdfund raise.

Instead, we are offering customers and investors the opportunity to own a piece of HubrisOne in a seed equity offering via FCA regulated crowdfunding platform Crowdcube and to participate in our ICO.

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Ready, Set, Go.

HubrisOne: Your cryptocurrency friendly current account.

HubrisOne The Solution We’ve Been Waiting For.

About ten years ago as the stock market was plummeting in a Fight Club-esque ending style that would have given the American 1920’s a run for their money; a lone whitepaper appeared somewhere on the backwaters of the internet. It detailed the beginnings of a new type of money that was going to hit the market. One that was impervious to fraud and the manipulations of corporations and governments, one that was being made for the people. One that was foretold to bring balance to an otherwise corrupt system.

Today we know that coin as Bitcoin.

As Bitcoin was formed and grew we began to see a lot of other coins try and copy the success of Bitcoin. Once these failed and it was widely accepted there would have to be something more than being a clone to be worth anything, we began to see a rise of coins that posed answers to real world problems. Thus, we watched in awe as a full, vibrant, and diverse community evolved out the blockchain.

We (as a community) have successfully built protocols, infrastructure, blockchains, and scaling mechanisms. Now we need real-world applications everyday people will use in order to increase the adoption rate, and we are not referring to Dapps.

This is why HubrisOne have entered the arena. To provide an all in one digital personal banking solution to Cryptocurrency. It’s much like your bank today, but you can also access your cryptocurrency wallets directly from your app.

HubrisOne will be leveraging OmiseGo white-label blockchain software, Stellar blockchain for international payments and Ethereum for the Hubris utility token to access features and receive discounts. Read full Hubris token use-case here.

HubrisOne plans to offer you an all in one banking and cryptocurrency solution which will simplify access and increase the exposure of cryptocurrencies to the masses. Familiarity breeds adoption.

Imagine this. You can have your own EUR, USD, and GBP personal digital bank account and debit card in addition to your cryptocurrency wallets, all side by side. Simple, secure and beautiful. Did we mention that you will have crypto-lending built in?

You’re probably wondering great idea… but are you regulated do you have a license? We have secured a card partner in the UK that will allow us to leverage their E-money license as an authorized agent. This will allow us to operate within the EU legally as a digital banking alternative.

Say Hello to HubrisOne.


Intro Video:

Product Video:

Telegram: HubrisOne




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